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Anduma: Building Bridges

Detail image of "Inner Space 1" by Magdalena Morey
From July 4 – August 29, 2020 Gallery 44 is hosting the 3D virtual exhibition “Anduma: Building Bridges”. This group of internationally acclaimed female artists was originally meeting and exhibiting together in Northern Italy this summer. However, the uncertainty of whether travel would be permitted by then has meant that the exhibition was moved online.

Anduma: Building Bridges

For “Anduma: Building Bridges”, curators Bouwien Luppes (owner Gallery 44) and Michelle Hold (award-winning artist) carefully selected a group of internationally acclaimed female artists. Through their work, the artists are building bridges between the masculine and the feminine; bold and soft; and movement and stillness. All with the intention to inspire you towards more loving and balanced days ahead.

The exhibition consists of a rich collection of large and medium-sized paintings and sculptures. Artworks ranging from emotive figuratives to daring abstracts. The artists’ various artistic styles are connected, symbolizing harmony; freedom and strength; illumination and empowerment.

Exhibiting artists

We have listed the exhibiting artists for you below. If you have a particular interest in any of the artists, their respective profiles can be accessed via the links.

  1. Michelle Hold (Italy)
  2. Magdalena Morey (Spain)
  3. Janet Timmerije (Netherlands)
  4. Bea Garding Schubert (Germany)
  5. Christa Haack (Germany)

How about a castle in Northern Italy next year?

In order to get these inspiring artists together at the castle, a proposal for an exhibition has been submitted to the Castello. And of course, we’d like to welcome you to the beautiful Northern Italian town of Casale di Monferrato in May 2021.

For now, this 3D virtual exhibition is it. Artists Michelle, Magdalena, Janet, Bea, and Christa invite you into their world; one with room for uniqueness and a future where we accept our diversity while being connected in our humanity.

If you are not familiar with a 3D virtual exhibition, we’d like to suggest starting with the “Guided Tour” before entering the exhibition on your own. You have the option to download/print a catalogue for a full overview of the works, or a pdf for each work. We hope you’ll enjoy!


Would you like to see how any of these works would look on your own wall? You can now get a preview via your ios device. Kindly forward your inquiry to the curator, Bouwien Luppes, via email. Or, use THIS LINK to schedule your free virtual art consultation today.


Anduma: Building Bridges, a 3D virtual exhibition by 5 internationally acclaimed female artists.