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Exhibition in Italy

By January 12, 2020June 11th, 2020Art Exhibitions, Events
Anduma: Building Bridges, a 3D virtual exhibition

“The beautiful historic walls of the Castello, with all their character, lend themselves perfectly for this exceptional collection of artworks. It is an absolute honour to curate “Anduma: Building Bridges” with Michelle Hold.” – Bouwien Luppes

“Anduma: Building Bridges”

An international exhibition at the Castello of Casale Monferrato (Italy)

Curators Bouwien Luppes (Gallery 44) and Michelle Hold (contemporary abstract artist) proudly present: “Anduma: Building Bridges”; an international exhibition at the Castello of Casale Monferrato (Italy) from July 04-26, 2020. 


Bouwien Luppes is the co-owner/curator at Gallery 44 (Canada). The gallery currently represents 21 international artists who can count themselves amongst the best in the world; hand-picked, emerging and mid-career artists selected based on the quality, potential, and originality of their work.

Michelle Hold is a renowned artist (Piemonte, Italy), who has exhibited extensively throughout Europe, the US, Canada, and China. Her work is included in numerous private collections in Italy, Austria, Great Britain, Romania, the USA, Germany, France, and Iceland. Michelle is the recipient of many prestigious art prizes; both national and international, and founder of Art Moletto. 

Exhibition Concept

For “Anduma: Building Bridges”, Bouwien and Michelle carefully selected a group of exceptionally talented, female artists, inviting the viewer into their world. Building bridges between the masculine and the feminine; bold and soft; and movement and stillness. All with the intention to inspire towards more loving and balanced days ahead. A future with room for uniqueness; acceptance of diversity, while connecting in humanity.

“Anduma: Building Bridges” consists of a rich collection of large and medium-sized works. Paintings ranging from emotive figuratives to daring abstracts. The different artistic styles are connected by (paintings of) flocks of birds, symbolizing harmony; freedom and strength; illumination, and empowerment.

International artists

Among the exhibiting artists are:

In the spirit of this exhibit, the artists will create one special artwork together. This work shall be auctioned via an online auction, with proceeds dedicated towards a good cause (to be determined).


Curator “Anduma: Building Bridges”: Bouwien Luppes
Phone: +1-403-630-1814

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