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Animal Extravaganza

By November 12, 2020Art Exhibitions, News
Janet Timmerije: Animal Extravaganza - a 3D virtual viewing room

“Animal Extravaganza” brings together the fun, lively and colorful animal canvasses by internationally acclaimed Dutch artist, Janet Timmerije.

The artist of this “Animal Extravaganza” is Janet Timmerije; an award-winning, professional artist, living and working in the Netherlands. Her art is characterized by the energetic, impasto application of paints. Typical historic Dutch city views, farm life, birds, and flowers. With expressive black lines and bright colors, her paintings invite a smile. Can there be something like “comfort paintings”? If there is, it would be Janet’s work.

Janet’s colorful and expressive artwork is on view at a number of international museums, and part of many corporate and private collections around the world.

It’s in the eyes

Timmerije’s art leaves room for the interpretation and imagination of her audience. No realistic, highly detailed images, yet a joyful, colorful interpretation of the world around her. Animals are her favorite subject to paint and the eyes are an important part of it: the animals are always in contact with each other and the audience.

Janet Timmerije – 3D viewing room

We invite you to visit this dedicated viewing room and enjoy her  “Animal Extravaganza”. If you are new to these kinds of 3D virtual viewing rooms, we’d like to suggest starting with the Guided Tour. Any inquiries or requests for a virtual trial hanging in your own home can be forwarded via email, from each artwork – look for the little envelop “Request” in the right bottom corner.

Janet Timmerije: Animal Extravaganza - a 3D virtual viewing room