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Artist Q&A series no.10

Artist Janet TImmerije at work in her studio.

In our quest to check-in with our artists on a regular basis, we virtually sat down with Janet Timmerije. Wondering how she is doing during these times of the global pandemic.

Q&A with Janet Timmerije (Netherlands)

Janet Timmerije lives and works in the Dutch town of Eibergen. With a large group of admirers and continued strong sales, she must be busy.

Could there be more hours in a day?

I would love to be able to dedicate more time to my artwork. Besides being an artist, daily life for me means I am also a mom (to kids and pets), homemaker, and I enjoy cooking. It would be great if there were more than 24 hrs. in a day! So, I have to be creative with my time. That said, I do sometimes dream about having an apartment and art studio in the city. It would inspire me to be able to combine the peace and quiet of my current, more rural setting with the energy of the city.


My biggest challenge continues to stay true to my own characteristic style. With today’s online accessibility, I find other artists attempting to copy my style. Hence, it is important to remain innovative and authentic to stay ahead of the copy cats. Another thing I find challenging: selling my own work. I love creating, but standing next to my own work and sell it directly to the people? Definitely not my cup of tea.

I admire most…

To name an artist I admire? Picasso! Not so much for his character, but as an artist. He explored so many different artistic avenues, yet always managed to create art that was identified as a Picasso painting.

Anything to desire?

Nothing to be desired where the success of my work is concerned. I sell my work nationally and internationally, which is absolutely great. So no complaints there. But to have more dedicated time to paint, would make it even better.

My life and heart are full

Drinks with friends? Family meals? I always make sure to spend ample quality time with my family and friends. It undoubtedly adds to my overall sense of well-being and happiness. Just like spending time in my studio, these moments are part of my day.

Everything considered, my life is exactly the way I want it to be and I consider myself rich. Especially on days where I am in a flow, and a new work just happens, seemingly effortless. I am grateful, my life and heart are full.

Anduma: Building Bridges exhibition

Janet’s work is included in the wonderful 3D virtual exhibition, Anduma: Building Bridges. The exhibition consists of a rich collection of large and medium-sized works by five internationally acclaimed female artists, of which Janet Timmerije is one.

The different artistic styles are connected by (paintings of) flocks of birds, symbolizing harmony; freedom and strength; illumination, and empowerment. If you have not done so, you can enter the exhibition here.

More on Janet Timmerije

If you’d like to read more about Janet Timmerije, you can browse her Profile page, where you’ll find more information about the artist.

You can also follow Janet, our Gallery, and the other artists we represent, on Artsper, one of our online partners.