Bernhard Cociancig

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Contemporary artist Bernhard Cociancig

Contemporary artist Bernhard Cociancig lives and works in Vienna. After a forty-year-long career in the international petroleum industry, he successfully pursued a rewarding artistic career.

Africa’s Big Five “Skin of the Game” artwork

Bernhard now proudly holds a diploma from the Vienna Art School, with majors in painting and process, print graphic and graphic design. One of his more impressive works is his exam work is Africa’s Big Five, “Skin of the Game”. This work consists of 10 individual artworks, each representing one of Africa’s big five in a bi-fold. While their skins are portrayed in semi-abstract oil paintings, their footprints are represented in Mokulito prints on canvas.

The work’s message pertains to the threat of extinction of our wildlife and serves as an allegory for the entire global fauna.

A stunning series, that we are proud to have in our collection.

Social responsibility

With a great sense of social responsibility, Bernhard performs art therapy for coma patients as well as holding print graphics workshops for drug and alcohol addicts.

International acknowledgment

His contemporary paintings, print graphics, graphic designs, and installations are shown in solo and group exhibitions around the world.

Exhibitions (past and current)


  • 2nd Annual “Taste of the World” Exhibition, Try it ART Gallery and Back to the Picture, San Francisco, CA (G)
  • “Running Gag”, Gallery Modern Schloss Piber (Austria) (G)


  • Artist in residence – “Once Upon Water”, ArtScape, Gibraltar Point – Toronto (Canada)
  • Solo exhibition at the Haus der Barmherzigkeit, Vienna (Austria)
  • Group exhibition woodcuts – Gallery “El Paradiso”, Venice (Italy)
  • “Flags on Tour” – time-space-nature, exhibition in public spaces in Laa/Thaya, Voitsberg, Mödling, Herzogenburg (Austria) and Vodnjan (Croatia)


  • Curator exhibition “Nach Strich und Farbe” – physiotherapy practice “LebenBewegen”, Vienna (Austria)
  • Group exhibition “Realize” – Kunst Volkshochschule KVH, Vienna (Austria)


  • Installation in public space “micro-plastic::mega-problem“ – SOHO in Ottakring, Vienna (Austria)


  • Solo exhibition “Bewegtes Leben” –  physiotherapy practice “LebenBewegen”, Vienna (Austria)


  • Solo exhibition“Drüba und Drunta“ – Halterhaus Leobersdorf (Austria)


  • Art fair Bergheim (Austria)


  • Solo exhibition“Weit Weg und Dahoam“ – Stillfried (Austria)


  • Solo exhibition “Gleichen::Stücke“ – Bad Gleichenberg (Austria)
  • Solo exhibition ”Tandem in Color and Form“ – Pula (Croatia)


  • Solo exhibitions – Bayreuth (Germany) and Bad Goisern (Austria)


  • Solo exhibition – Bad Goisern (Austria)


  • Solo exhibition “BC paints AB” – Calgary (Canada)
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  • Elephant (Africa’s Big Five)

  • The Prairies

  • Leopard Footprints (Africa’s Big Five)

  • Calgary Night Scape (diptych)

  • Elephant Footprints (Africa’s Big Five)

  • Cape Buffalo (Africa’s Big Five)

  • Polar Bear (2019)

  • Rhino (Africa’s Big Five)

  • Serra de la Estrella

  • Buffalo Footprints (Africa’s Big Five)

  • Rhino Footprints (Africa’s Big Five)

  • Leopard (Africa’s Big Five)