Gesa Reuter

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Abstract landscape artist, Gesa Reuter

Gesa Reuter (1964) lives and works in Detmold, Northern Germany.

Throughout her adult life, she has enjoyed arts education (workshops, courses, artists in resident programs etc) by a variety of professional artists from the Berlin University of the Arts, the VBK Berlin, the Art Academy Augsburg, and the College of Art and Design (Petersburg).

Exhibitions (past and current)


  • Spring Group Show, Try it ART Gallery, Bragg Creek, AB (G)
  • 2nd Annual “Taste of the World” exhibition, Try it ART Gallery and Back to the Picture, San Francisco, CA (G)
  • “Watercolor Art“, IWS World Exhibition, Zürich (Switzerland) (G)
  • “Wider das Vergessen”, Robert-Koepcke-Haus, Schwalenberg (G)
  • “Dandy Dinner”, Kunstverein Schwalenberg, Galerie Haus Bachrach, Schwalenberg (G)
  • “Kunst Offen”, Kunsthaus Stove, Verein f. Meerkultur e.V. (Solo)


  • “Reichlich Weiblich”, Winter Exhibition of Lippian artists, Robert-Koepke-Haus, Schwalenberg/Germany, curated by Landesverband Westfalen-Lippe, Dr. Mayari Granados (G)
  • “Magic of Watercolors”, Mühle Malstedt, Malstedt, Members of GWS (G)
  • “Kind of Art”, Art Projekt, Galerie Schürmann, Kamp-Lintfort/Germany, curated (G)
  • Huntenkunst, Ulft, Netherlands, curated (G)
  • Kölner Liste, Discovery Art Fair, Köln with Gallery Unique (G)


  • Schwalenberger ARTvent, Schwalenberger Kunstverein, Schwalenberg (G)
  • Altonale Kunstherbst Hamburg, curated (G)
  • Art`pu:l  Emmerich, PAN Museum,  Emmerich, curated (G)
  • “Law & Poverty“, competition and exhibition, curated, Munich (G)
  • Paper Art Festival, Sofia, Bulgaria, curated and nominated for art prize (G)
  • “Blue Worlds“ in Detmold with Pro Familia (Solo)

Works in Public Collections

  • Amateras Foundation, Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Kita Wirbelwind, Kamp-Lintfort, Germany


  • Winner Baltic Sea Scholarship, Verein für Meerkultur e.V., Kunsthaus Stove, Germany (2018)
  • Nominated for Sofia Paper Art Fest Prize, Amateras Foundation, Sofia, Bulgaria (2017 and 2019)
  • Nominated for „Law & Poverty“ Art Prize, Munich, Germany (2017)
  • Nominated for Kitz Art Award, Austria (2017)
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  • Blue Lake

  • Take Me to the Sea (2018)

  • A New Beginning

  • Breaking In II (2018)

  • Morning Light

  • Fading into Blue (2018)