Our gallery artists are hand-picked and come from all over the world.

Focussed on emerging and mid-career artists, we value the quality, potential, and originality of their work.

Britt Kleiberg

Sander Schilthuizen

Janet Timmerije Expressionist Artist

Janet Timmerije

Fabienne Monestier Contemporary Artist

Fabienne Monestier

Gesa Reuter Abstract Artist

Gesa Reuter

Pepe Hidalgo Semi-realistic Artist

Pepe Hidalgo

Pee-Jay Czifra Contemporary urban artist

Pee-Jay Czifra

Michelle Hold Contemporary abstract

Michelle Hold

Martín Revolo Abstract Expressionist Artist

Martín Revolo

Maciej Cieśla Modern Expressionist Artist

Maciej Cieśla

Karin Goeppert Contemporary Artist

Karin Goeppert

Julie Edwards Abstract, Semi-Abstract Artist

Julie Edwards

"On the Beach" by contemporary artist, Joaquim Lourenço (Portugal)

Joaquim Lourenço

Elena Myasnikova Contemporary Artist

Elena Myasnikova

Donna Winn Expressionist Artist

Donna Winn

Christa Haack

Expressionist Artist Charley Jones

Charley Jones

Barbara DeMott Canadian Landscape Artist

Barbara DeMott

Bernhard Cociancig Contemporary Artist

Bernhard Cociancig

Magdalena Morey Fine Art

Magdalena Morey

Germany based artist, Bea Garding Schubert

Bea Garding Schubert