Just Breathe 2


  • Oil and mixed media on canvas
  • Size: 16 x 20 x 1.25 inch
  • Wired on the back, this work is ready to hang.
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“Just Breathe 2”, a delicate oil painting by Julie Edwards

“Just Breathe 2” is part of Julie’s “Just Breathe” series: a series of smaller individual paintings, painted using mainly oil on canvas with sometimes the inclusion of inks, tea, and pen among the subtle use of other media.

Julie: “The three pieces within the series Just Breathe, are a celebration of the births of both my boys. Both had very traumatic starts into this world, and these paintings symbolize hope and renewed life. I remember both boys as babies looking up, being captivated by dancing leaves of the trees. Light bouncing from one branch to another. Their wonder made me open to look at the world in a different refreshed way.”

Julie is not striving to produce realistic paintings but rather capturing a sense of nostalgia through using spontaneous, light broken strokes of expressionism and dabs of colour. The dark lines outline branches while the distinctive contours positioned in the foreground recalls the formal qualities as in ‘Japanese prints’. Shadows could be water, reflections, shadows, and glimpses of other life or activity. Some of the paintings have a real sense of drama, whereas some of the others are very subtle and calm.

Meeting the artist

For our Meeting the Artist blog series, we met Julie Edwards in her studio in Wolverhampton, UK. We talked about what inspires her as an artist, her background, and brought her story home to you. You can read all about this visit in our “Meet the Artist” Blog.

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