Open Your Heart VII


  • Size: 39 2/5 x 39 2/5 x 1 3/5 in.
  • Mixed media on a high-quality canvas
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“Open Your Heart VII” by Bea Garding-Schubert

Bea Garding-Schubert on this artwork: “I am inspired by the idea of a world, open to every one of us. Every second an opportunity presents itself to us. Inviting us to open a door, look behind it, finding a new path. All we have to do is open our minds and hearts.”

This emotive abstract is a real eye-catcher and a statement piece in your home and comes with a signed certificate of authenticity.

Art with a message

All of Bea’s paintings carry a clear message of Positivity, Hope, Change, Light, and Optimism. “I feel it as my obligation, my task even, to open people’s eyes, minds, and hearts. Inspire them to change, or simply see things in a more positive way. Provide them with a different aspect of the world around them.”

Interested in getting to know more about Bea?

We visited Bea in Nienburg/Weser (Germany) to bring her story home to you. You can get to know more about her and her work by reading our Blog and browsing her Collection.

Additional information

Dimensions 41 × 3 × 41 in


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