September Snowfall (2019)


  • Size: 39.8 x 29.75 x 1.57 inch.
  • Medium: acrylics on a deep canvas
  • Wired on the back and ready to hang.

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“September Snowfall” by Canadian landscape artist, Donna Winn

Donna Winn on “September Snowfall”: “This is what happens in the beautiful foothills when it snows in September. The leaves hold on desperately to their branches not wanting to let go. I initially had a fall scene without the snow. When I saw how beautiful everything looked after the snow fell, I decided to let the snow in. Getting that chance to alter my painting to suit the day. How could I resist.”

Living in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, inspiration is all around Canadian landscape artist, Donna Winn. An artwork coming to fruition is often related to either what she observes or how/what she feels emotionally. Textures, values, lines, and shapes are chosen depending on what the painting is about; communicating a specific (cultural) message or a certain feeling in need of being expressed. Winn: “I translate my observations into line and colour.”

“September Snowfall” is painted on a deep canvas and does not require framing. Wired on the back and ready to hang.

Meet the Artist

We met Donna at her studio; situated in Redwood Meadows, just south-west of Calgary. And it is packed with her artworks! Her story is an exciting one to share. It is what we do after all: meeting each of our artists in person and sharing their story with you via our Blog Pages.

A selection of Donna Winn’s work is available at our Gallery in Bragg Creek, AB.

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