Serra de la Estrella


  • Acrylics on canvas
  • Diptychon
  • Size: 31 1/2 × 39 2/5 × 4/5 in. (each)

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“Serra de la Estrella”, acrylics on canvas by Bernhard Cociancig

Bernhard Cociancig on “Serra de la Estrella”: “Broom and Erica blooming like they are in secret competition to paint the granite rocks, yellow and pink. Seeking toehold in the little soil, which wind and rain have left up in Portugal’s highest mountain range. The soft and gently curved shapes of the stones, carved during millions of years; by glaciers and burnished by water, wind and snow. They please the eye while some of the boulders seem to have served as giants’ toys.”

“The Serra’s gentler climate stands in stark contrast to the boiling heat of the lower lands where cattle and game seek shade under the cork oaks. The frugality of the tough vegetation up here allows it to survive while more succulent plants had to surrender the windswept plateau. Is there other life to be found? Surprisingly so, quite a bit!”

“Serra de la Estrella” is part of Bernhard’s acrylics series, for which he found his inspiration in places he visited.

Interested in getting to know more about Bernhard?

We interviewed Bernhard on a nature hike in the beautiful Kananaskis area of Bragg Creek, AB (Canada). A full account of this meeting is available on our Meet the Artist Blog page. Alternatively, you can browse his Try it ART Profile page.


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