Sun Rays (2020)


  • Media: Oil on canvas
  • Size: 39.4 × 47.2 × 0.4 in.
  • This work is currently not available for rent.
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“Sun Rays” by Charley Jones

Charley Jones: “Sun Rays” is about embracing intimacy and transitions in life along with the process of painting; specifically exploring the process in painting a figurative work.

Rich texture and visible brush strokes make “Sun Rays” a characteristic painting by this talented artist. Although originally from the United Kingdom, Charley Jones is currently based out of Colombia.

Meeting the Artist

We interviewed Charley so you can get to know him and his work a bit better. A full account of this meeting is available to you in our Meeting the Artist Blog pages. Or read about the recent Q&A we had with him. Alternatively, you can browse Charley’s work and read more about him on his Profile page or follow him on Artsper.

Additional information

Dimensions 25 × 4 × 17 in

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