The Prairies


  • Acrylics on canvas
  • Diptychon
  • Size: 31 1/2 × 39 2/5 × 4/5 in. (each)

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“The Prairies”, acrylics on canvas by Bernhard Cociancig

Bernhard Cociancig on his inspiration for “The Prairies”: “Venturing East of Alberta into Saskatchewan, the extent of the land becomes overwhelming. Leaving the eye hardly any fixed point to focus, but the odd coulees. Red painted grain shags can be spotted in the distance; rare remnants of smaller scale subsistence farming. The lands remind often of deserts, especially during dry summers when all vegetation burns to yellowish-brown. Much like the colour of sand dunes in the Sahara. Water can become a rare commodity as the clayey soil is unable to store precipitation. The pronghorns, distant relatives to the antelopes of the Old World, roam the wide and flat prairies. With their fine running skills, they can outrun any predator and are just a wonderful sight, when they speed over an open plain.”

“The Prairies” is part of Bernhard’s acrylics series, for which he found his inspiration in places he visited.

Interested in getting to know more about Bernhard?

We interviewed Bernhard on a nature hike in the beautiful Kananaskis area of Bragg Creek, AB (Canada). A full account of this meeting is available on our Meet the Artist Blog page. Alternatively, you can browse his Try it ART Profile page.


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