• Oil on canvas
  • Size: 36 x 42 x 1.25 inch
  • Wired on the back, this work is ready to hang.
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“Veiled” oil on canvas by UK artist Julie Edwards

Julie Edwards, on her work “Veiled”: “Just like with many decisions in life, I like to explore nature’s wonders with excitement and trepidation. As an artist, I see myself as a philosopher. Asking questions like: “How the world is constructed”, and “Why?” A painting inspired by a certain landscape is an attempt to construct a language around this question.”

Many of Julie’s paintings contain ‘shadows’, referring to old ideas of Plato that everything perceived, is a shadow of the world.

“Veiled” is influenced by Plato’s theory concerning human perception: ‘Allegory of the Cave’. In this theory, he claimed that knowledge gained through the senses is no more than opinion. In order to have real knowledge, it must be gained through philosophical reasoning.


This oil painting is part of Julie’s new “Balance” series. Finding a balance between contrast, layers, random and controlled line. Softness and dynamism, realism and abstraction, memory or stories.

Meeting the artist

For our Meeting the Artist blog series, we met Julie Edwards in her studio in Wolverhampton, UK. We talked about what inspires her as an artist, her background, and brought her story home to you. You can read all about this visit in our “Meet the Artist” Blog.

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