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Connections in Art 01-2021

By January 4, 2021Art Exhibitions, News
"Connections in Art" is our virtual viewing room.

Welcome to our first viewing room of 2021!

Connections in Art is our Gallery’s dedicated virtual viewing room. Every two months the collection changes, high-lighting curated works by a selected number of our international artists.

This first “Connections in Art” of 2021 showcases a beautiful collection by Janet Timmerije (mixed media), Maciej Cieśla (oil), Gesa Reuter (mixed media), Pepe Hidalgo (acrylics), and Charley Jones (acrylics).

Finding Connections in Art

Passionate about finding Connections in Art, we take pride in helping you to find the perfect artwork for your home. You can request more information about the work, put in an offer, or arrange a free preview on your own wall.

If any of these works are of interest to you, kindly send us an email: click on the work and look for the envelope in the bottom right corner of your screen. All works are available unless marked “Sold”.


You’ll enjoy a 15% discount on each of these works when purchased directly via the exhibit.

Visit Connections in Art 01-2021

Enter our “Connections in Art 01-2021” below. If you are new to these kinds of 3D virtual viewing rooms, we’d like to suggest starting with the Guided Tour. A full Catalog is available for download here: Connections in Art 01-2021 Catalog.

Let the art guide you. Enjoy!


"Connections in Art" is our virtual viewing room.