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Connections in Art

By October 22, 2020Art Exhibitions, News
Visit our new Gallery 44 viewing room online.

New! 3D Virtual Viewing Room

Have a look at our gallery page at Kunstmatrix – where we host our 3D virtual exhibitions. Our latest virtual viewing room “Connections in Art” showcases a beautiful collection by Magdalena Morey (mixed media), Sander Schilthuizen (fine art photography), Bernhard Cociancig (Mokolito print), Martín Revolo (mixed media), and David Zimmerman (mixed media).

Internationally acclaimed artists

Passionate about finding Connections in Art, we take pride in helping you to select the perfect artwork. Whether for your home or office. Each work in the viewing room offers you the option to click on the little envelope to send us an email. You can request more information about the work, ask for help in selecting art for your interior, or arrange a free preview on your own wall.

Visit Connections in Art

Enter our new viewing room below. If you are new to these kinds of 3D virtual viewing rooms, we’d like to suggest starting with the Guided Tour.

Consider checking out our gallery page: GALLERY 44 AT KUNSTMATRIX, where you can browse individual works by exhibiting artists. Currently, we have listed over 200 works, and we are adding more each week. You will also be able to visit our previous virtual exhibitions.

Let the art guide you. Enjoy!

Visit our new 3D virtual viewing room