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Decadent Liaisons: Floral Abstractions

By August 28, 2020Art Exhibitions, News
Featured image of Decadent Liaisons: Floral Abstractions is this detail image of "Garden in Pink and Green" by Fabienne Monestier

Decadent Liaisons: Floral Abstractions

The exhibition “Decadent Liaisons: Floral Abstractions” features an intricate blend of floral and abstracted art by artists Fabienne Monestier (France) and Karin Goeppert (Germany). Close to 40 affordable works are on display in this high-quality 3D virtual event.

About Fabienne Monestier

Fabienne Monestier (style: contemporary impressionist) is a professional artist who lives and works in Vouvray, France. And besides a successful painter, she is also a lyrical singer in the professional chorus of the Opéra de Tours.

Inspired by the light that gives strength to the colors of nature, Fabienne explores the limitations and possibilities of her medium and technique. Her style is free and gestural, with a lot of spontaneity.

About Karin Goeppert

Karin Goeppert (style: contemporary) lives and works in Southern Germany. Nature, especially preserving it, is high on her life’s list of priorities and is a source of inspiration for her art.

Karin’s style fluctuates between somewhat Utopian and abstract perceptions of the world around her. She prefers working with acrylics, complemented by other media like oil, soft pastels, spray paint, graphite, charcoal, and ink.

Enjoy their Decadent Liaison

Enjoy the Decadent Liaison between the artists’ cultures and lose yourself in the energy and rich palettes of their work.

This virtual exhibition is powered by our partner Kunstmatrix. If are new to this kind of virtual exhibition, we suggest starting with the Guided Tour below. Interested in an overview of the displayed works? You can download the exhibition catalog right here.


Inquiries can be forwarded to our curator, Bouwien Luppes, via email.

Decadent Liaisons: Floral Abstractions