Defying the Ordinary

"Helena", featured in Joaquim Lourenço's "Defying the Ordinary" exhibition

Joaquim Lourenço | Defying the Ordinary

Inspired by the female body, Joaquim Lourenço (Portugal) expresses himself through his acrylic artwork. His observations of everyday things are translated into an artistic vocabulary of deliberate line and color.

From Joaquim’s abstract interpretation of buildings to peculiar details of everyday life situations, this exhibition invites you to look at the world from the artist’s perspective. His first solo exhibition “Defying the Ordinary” features over 60 affordable artworks!

More information on the exhibiting artist

Influenced by Egon Schiele and Portuguese artist, Artur Bual, Joaquim Lourenço embraces the experiment and trying something new. When he talks about being an art teacher, his face lights up. He obviously enjoys this day job! But he is unmistakenly an artist at heart. He tells me: “Being a teacher is the outside of me. The artist is my inside.” Read more about our meeting with this inspiring man and artist in the Meet the Artist blog. Or follow Joaquim on Artsper to be notified of new work as it becomes available.

Join Joaquim on his journey to defy the ordinary

If you are not familiar with a 3D virtual exhibition, we’d like to suggest starting with the “Guided Tour” before entering the exhibition on your own. Simply click the image below to enjoy this colourful exhibition.

For your convenience, we have added a link to the full catalogue of the exhibition HERE.


Would you like to see how any of these works would look on your own wall? You can now get a preview via your ios device. Kindly forward your inquiry to the curator, Bouwien Luppes, via email. Or, use THIS LINK to schedule your free virtual art consultation today.


Defying the Ordinary | Joaquim Lourenço, exhibition hosted by Gallery 44