About us

Gallery 44 was founded in 2017 by Bouwien Luppes, originally under the name Try it ART.

In 2020, the gallery changed course. Under a new name and with a new approach, Gallery 44 offers a virtual art experience combined with physical exhibitions in the artist’s neck of the woods. What did not change? The passion to find the perfect artwork for each collector, and working hard in support of the artists.

The gallery founder travels extensively to curate the best emerging artists of this era. We have works by artists like Magdalena Morey, Michelle Hold, Pepe Hidalgo, Joaquim Lourenço, Janet Timmerije, Bea Garding-Schubert, and many more.

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Working with partners

The gallery works with a selection of online partners. Established art platforms, with a large collector base. This approach offers a trusted and streamlined buying process for art lovers around the world. Our main two partners are Kunstmatrix, where you can find our 3D virtual exhibitions and Artsper.

Artsper is a well-recognized global platform for online contemporary art sales. You can follow Gallery 44, and each of our individual artists there. So you’ll be the first to know when new works become available. Did you know that Artsper allows you 14 days to find the perfect spot for your artwork? If you change your mind, you can send it back free of charge and you’ll be reimbursed.

Your personal art consultation

Purchase art online, with the personal advice of our curator. And before you buy, you know exactly how the art will look on your wall. How? Via Gallery 44’s complimentary service with you and your home in mind: your personal art consultation.

With today’s social-distancing – and to be able to offer the service regardless of your location – we came up with a new approach. Hop on over to the BLOG and let us walk you through it. You will also find a link there to book your time with our curator.

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Our guarantee

Gallery 44 artists are hand-picked and can count themselves among the best emerging and mid-career artists in the world. Our curator visited them, personally, at their studio, wherever they are located in the world. These personal relationships guarantee you the quality and uniqueness of the art we have in our collection. An added trust to our collectors, when buying art online.

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