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Julie Edwards: Beyond Imperfections

By November 27, 2020Art Exhibitions, News
3D virtual exhibition by impressionist artist, Julie Edwards (1970, UK)

“I will not be determined by my illness, yet be more creative in spite of it.” — Julie Edwards

Beyond Imperfections

Trying to come to grips with a debilitating diagnosis, impressionist artist Julie Edwards (1970, UK) prefers to look beyond her current “imperfections”.

Inspired by experiences and deeper meanings to daily occurrences, images for a new painting will simply come to her. But before placing a canvas on the easel, Julie goes through a series of careful preparations. Very much a cognitive process, she explores journaling and sketching. But when transferring it all to the canvas, a whole new experience transpires. While layering the paints, the work evolves. Julie can lose herself in the painting as she goes through her poignant process. What seemed mere minutes were factually hours. Emotions tangible; at times raw, or ever so soft and subtle, Julie masters and controls the translation to the canvas. Yet able to add their own experiences, Julie leaves room for the viewer to be part of the conversation.

This specially curated collection of Julie’s work provides the viewer with a very personal look into the artist’s world.

3D Virtual Exhibition

Let each work within Julie Edwards: Beyond Imperfections speak to you as you walk through the exhibit. If you are new to these kinds of 3D virtual viewing rooms, we’d like to suggest starting with the Guided Tour.

Any inquiries or requests for a virtual trial hanging in your own home can be forwarded to us via email, from each artwork – look for the little envelop “Request” in the right bottom corner. All works are available. Shipping costs upon request.

Julie Edwards: Beyond Imperfections

3D virtual solo-exhibition by impressionist artist, Julie Edwards (1970, UK)