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Maciej Cieśla: Fantastic Relevance

Visit the exhibition Maciej Cieśla: Fastastic Relevance online

“Art is the unique connection between artist and viewer.”

Featured artist, Maciej Cieśla (Poland, 1988)

Every month, we pay a special homage to one of our artists. This month we feature Polish modern expressionist painter, Maciej Cieśla. Born in 1988, Cieśla completed a Fine Arts degree at the Academy of Arts in Wrocław in 2013 under the supervision of Piotr Błażejewski. Searching for his artistic vocabulary and the right tools he found his artistic expression combining neo-fauvism, abstract geometric forms, and symbolism; achieving his striking signature style, which is marked by strong colors, confident brush strokes, and intriguing subjects.

3D virtual Exhibition: “Fantastic Relevance”

As with all featured artists, we have curated a dedicated 3D virtual exhibition for him: Maciej Cieśla: “Fantastic Relevance”.

Cambridge Dictionary explains the word “fantastic” as “very good”, “very large”, and “imaginary”. All of these adjectives are applicable to his artwork. “Fantastic Relevance” showcases a unique collection of the artist’s more recent work, corresponding to Cieśla’s definition of expression and artistic honesty. Pay special attention to the triptych “Hotel in Riva del Garda”; an almost 6-meter (19 ft!) long artwork, inspired by nature, people, and special places in the artist’s life. This nostalgic composition in an unusual color palette is a collection of associations and memories contained in one artwork.

If you are new to a 3D virtual exhibition, we’d like to suggest starting with the Guided Tour.

Enjoy Maciej Cieśla: Fantastic Relevance!

Interested in learning more about this artist? Watch our YouTube video!

In this high-quality video, Maciej Cieśla takes you on a tour through his studio. He talks about himself and his characteristic style, especially his inspiration and the meaning of the different characters in his paintings. It shows you an honest and very personal portrait of this talented young artist. Click the image below to watch the video on YouTube, or click the link here: In the artist studio of Maciej Cieśla.

Contact us if you are interested in a complimentary virtual trial hanging using the camera of your smartphone.