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Meet artist, Claudia Limacher

By May 21, 2018June 11th, 2020Meeting the artist

Meeting Claudia Limacher

The rolling foothills of the Alps, sparkling mountain lakes; as I relax and enjoy the stunning scenery, the train takes me from Zürich International Airport to Lucern, where I am about to meet abstract impressionist artist, Claudia Limacher.

After an enthusiastic welcome, Claudia shows me around her town. Small picturesque streets, lined with restaurants, cafés, and boutiques. Then onward to her tasteful home in the hills.

Stunning large paintings define the hallway, providing a heartfelt, warm welcome. Then up the stairs entering the living, where I am left breathless by the colors and energy of a majestic 240 x 200-cm / 94.48 x 78.74-inch artwork. Claudia’s work is made to be enjoyed and to be shared. This much is clear.

Also clear is that she prefers large over small. Claudia explains how the large canvasses provide her the freedom to flow. The more flow, the more impressive the outcome. She works with rich palettes, revealing different details as the light changes.

“I can get high on the colors”

Not only does Claudia Limacher love color, she has an astonishing color memory, and perceives the world in color. She has a form of the perceptual phenomenon called Synesthesia. In her case, this means that individual letters and numbers are associated with specific colors and sometimes colorful patterns. Like Wednesday is always perceived in red. Claudia can rely on her color perception more than anything else. For instance, she doesn’t need a calendar. Claudia remembers she has a meeting on red day at pink o’clock. For her, color makes the invisible, visible.

Mom, can we call you an artist now?

Her three boys already knew, but with a background in business (Claudia has an MBA and her own consulting company for 26 years), calling herself an “artist” took some getting used to. It had to grow on her. Creating more and ever bigger paintings was one thing, getting noticed by seasoned art collectors was another. Her work now part of impressive private art collections around the world, she acknowledges she is an artist. “Finally, I can be me. I express myself through my art. I am an artist.”

Inspired by water

“Water is my inspiration. Always changing, revealing depth, different shades of color, and reflections of organic shapes. Water has it all.”

Claudia creates mixed media artworks, with lots of layers and texture. “Don’t believe everything you think you see. Stay curious, as there is more than meets the eye.” Claudia starts a new work on the floor, allowing her to walk around it. This initial phase is very watery and fluid and provides her with inspiration as she goes along. The colors find a way on the canvas; they communicate with her. They will tell her where they want to go and a new work is shaping up. Claudia is spontaneous and intuitive in her process. As she layers the paints and pigments, scraping and scratching small areas, Claudia becomes ecstatic and completely engulfed in her creative process. She can get lost for hours, leaving her exhausted by the end of the day. Physically tired, but energized on an emotional level and filled with joy.

Communicating positivity

Actively involved with Syrian refugees in her community, she heard first-hand horrific tales of fleeing a war-torn country. Families leaving everything behind to start anew. Working through this suffering is a process not taken lightly, but Claudia wants to focus on the positivity and beauty. “We are all in this together, we are all one, in an abstract sense. I know there is deep suffering at times. But no matter how bad it gets, there is always something positive. I want to show that through my art. I think this is what art can do. Is that too much to ask?”


As the day comes to an end and I reflect back on my meeting with this inspiring woman and her art, I feel touched by her love, generosity, and optimism. Grateful to be able to share her work and story with you.

Interested in Claudia Limacher’s art on your wall?

“I want to bring happiness and joy, I do not paint for myself, I feel a deep need to share it.” Claudia Limacher would be honored to create a special piece for your home. Interested? Please feel free to contact us to discuss the details without any obligations.

Alternatively, you can browse her artwork and read more about her on her Artist Page.

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