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Meet artist, Janet Timmerije

By May 11, 2018June 11th, 2020Meeting the artist
"Chicks!" by Dutch expressionist artist, Janet Timmerije

“I have to create, and I have to paint. Painting is my life.” — Janet Timmerije

My meeting with Dutch expressionist artist, Janet Timmerije

A two-hour train ride takes me to Eibergen, the Netherlands, where I am about to meet Dutch artist, Janet Timmerije. It will be my second visit to this productive artist and I am excited. I am looking forward to spending time with her and her colorful canvases. Janet’s work as an artist is versatile: she gives workshops, does art history projects for kids, and paints pottery. But painting, preferably on extra-large canvasses, is her life. That, and being a mom to her four children (and let’s not forget her two dogs).

Janet’s creative domain is a beautiful studio with vaulted ceilings, tall windows, and equally impressive paintings up against the walls. Wherever you look, there are canvasses, the sheer size and colors take my breath away. Characteristic city skylines, cows, chickens, birds, and flowers. With their bright colours, and expressive, impastoed black lines, her paintings are an absolute joy to experience and often invite a smile. Could there be something like “comfort art”? If there is, it would be Janet’s work.

From speech therapist to an established artist

She did not start out an artist. Although her interests have always been with Arts and Fashion, she simply was not ready as a young woman. Her choice back then was to become a Speech Therapist. Only slowly, over the years, she returned to her first love: painting. She painted what she liked. People loved what she did, and showed an interest in purchasing her works. More and more, she developed her own, very characteristic style. Before long, a local gallery granted Janet her first exhibition and she sold out! More galleries followed and the rest is history. She has been in her studio daily for the past 18 years. An established artist now, with her work featured in galleries and exhibitions all over the world.

Free spirit

As with many artists, Janet’s inspiration originates from her natural surroundings. She sees art in everyday life and happenings. A flock of birds flying from their sheltering shrubs or certain colour combinations. New artworks emerge in her mind while she is doing other things. She then takes the inspiration home to her studio where it comes to life on the canvas.

Free and intuitive, a new canvas often starts with only a rough vision of where she is taking it. Initially working with only one colour, like yellow, allows her to easily change direction as she goes along. Then more colours are introduced and a new work is shaping up.

Janet prefers working on multiple paintings at once, with big brushes and lots of movement. From one work to the next and back again, her creative process is not structured. She is a free spirit and enjoys the freedom that painting provides. “My drive is to create, I need to paint.”

Interaction with her audience

This outgoing Dutch artist loves to hear from her audience. She is willing to accommodate certain preferences and enjoys working on commission. Whether a certain subject, medium or shape, she does not shy away from stepping out of her comfort zone, while staying true to her own style. Currently, she is experimenting with circularly shaped artwork, adding a copper lining and epoxy resin. With stunning results!

Hand-picking her galleries

Janet hand-picks her galleries and, if at all possible, prefers to bring her art in person to these galleries or her customers. Specifically when it is a special canvas. She appreciates that connection. She draws new inspiration from those interactions with her audience and it counteracts the solitary hours in her studio.

As a full-time artist, she is naturally also represented by a few commercial galleries. Although less personally connected with these locations and their customers, they do provide her with a base income. Selective in where her artworks go, however, she sends the pieces where she is more connected to, or that have a special place in her heart, to the boutique galleries. “I like to know where my special pieces end up.”

A special piece for your wall

Interested in Janet’s work on your wall? You can browse her artwork in our Gallery. Like her style but not finding what you are looking for? As mentioned, Janet enjoys working with you, creating a special piece for your wall. You can simply send us an email, and we will connect you with Janet.

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