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Meet photographer, Sander Schilthuizen

I have known Sander Schilthuizen for over a decade. Both as a gifted photographer and as a wonderful dad to my niece and nephew. Having pushed him for years to pursue a career as a photography artist, I was thrilled he approached me if we could work together. It is my honour to introduce you to Dutch photography artist, Sander Schilthuizen.

Meet Sander Schilthuizen

Sander Schilthuizen (1963) started working as a photographer in his early twenties, always using black&white film. Developing and printing the photo’s with his own equipment, in a make-shift darkroom inside his college dorm. In 2008 he took the leap to digital photography, bought a professional camera and started to focus on images with colour.

His latest work can be best described as photographic storytelling. Manipulating shapes and values, Sander provides a narrative. An imaginary story behind a snippet of time.

Schilthuizen: “Having started with photography in my mid-twenties, I believe I have since developed a strong sense of composition, which has become an important part of my visual vocabulary. When I look at art by Van Gogh, Gauguin, Chagall and even Picasso, on an energetic level, I experience the artwork like I am actually there; I’m in the painting. That feeling, and inspiration, I take with me to my next photograph.”

Sander’s inspiration

Sander Schilthuizen attains to create images that never bore the human eye. Catching specific details that are hard to define, yet continue to entice the viewer. Creating images that touch the viewers’ hearts and draw them in over and over again. Not an easy achievement, yet one that continues to inspire him. He enjoys roaming the streets with his camera while interacting with people. Photographing tourists, people attending fairs and markets, and other impressions that catch his artistic eye.

With a broad interest in the arts and literature, Sander is inspired by visual artists, authors and a variety of photographers. “There are so many talented artists, it is hard to mention just a few that inspire me. But I can mention some photographers that I admire the most; and each of them for different reasons: Erwin Olaf, Martin Parr, Vivian Maier, Ansel Adams, Kadir van Lohuizen, Sebastião Salgado, Kors van Bennekom, and Daniel Koning.

Some luck along with your skills

Sander explains his specific focus on the eyes when taking portrait photos. “I consider the eyes the most important part of a human face. My intention is to aim for the slightest depth of focus when capturing the eyes.”

An unassuming man, he sometimes “feels that he missed the decisive moment”, and he unwillingly quotes the great photographer, Henri Cartier-Bresson. “Seizing the moment in photography is a big paradox”, he explains, “you sometimes need some luck along with your skills!”

What’s next?

Sander is eager to start a few new projects. Capturing industrial landscapes and harbours for instance; finding unique beauty in the ugliness. “Let’s wait and see how this Coronavirus plays out. For now, it may be safer to focus on discovering the secrets of studio lighting and search for deserted locations.”

For the immediate future, Sander Schilthuizen has but a modest goal: to sell some pictures to collectors who can appreciate his work.

Interested to learn more about Sander Schilthuizen?

Interested to learn more about this talented photography artist from the Netherlands? You can browse his profile on our website and explore his available works.