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The Sky is the Limit

By January 27, 2021March 24th, 2021Art Exhibitions, Events, News
Artwork by Michelle Hold, part of The Sky is the Limit exhibition

“Good abstraction is a condensation of information, slowly releasing its meaning over time.”

Michelle Hold: The Sky is the Limit

It seems nothing is more useful in our current extreme times than to escape into a dream world. Away from the daily madness to a world where we can feel safe enough to recover and rebuild our strength. Dream about living united, together in peace and understanding, with nature and the unlimited skies to nurture us.

“The Sky is the Limit” celebrates Michelle Hold’s latest series of works and displays 24 medium, large and over-sized paintings. The curator is Bouwien Luppes, who has previously curated “Anduma: Building Bridges”, where Hold was one of the 5 exhibiting female artists.

About the artist

Michelle Hold is an award-winning, internationally acclaimed artist, currently living and working near Milan, Italy. Her often large-scale abstract paintings are explorations of space, movement, and freedom, where she captures the essence of feelings and the invisible energy that pervades the universe. Her paintings are expressive works of art full of energy and life.

We recently did a short interview with Michelle, as part of our Featured Artist of the Month. Interested? It is available for you on our YouTube channel:

Watch the full interview with abstract artist, Michelle Hold (Italy)

You can experience The Sky is the Limit in 3D. If you are new to these types of virtual exhibitions, we’d like to suggest starting with a “Guided Tour”.

Enjoy Michelle Hold’s “The Sky is the Limit”:

Make an offer

All works in the exhibition are available unless marked “sold”. Purchase straight off the walls and receive a 10% discount. Offers can be forwarded via email. Look for the “Request” option or contact Gallery 44 directly via email.

Download the Catalog for “Michelle Hold: The Sky is the Limit”