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Your personal art consultation

By June 12, 2020July 23rd, 2020News, Uncategorized
Give your home a new look, book your complimentary art consultation.

Purchase art online, with the personal advice of our curator. And before you buy, you know exactly how the art will look on your wall. How? Via an easy 4-step art consultation with you and your home in mind.

One of the services Gallery 44 offers is your personal art consultation. With today’s social-distancing – and to be able to offer the service regardless of your location – we came up with a new approach. A four-step, virtual art experience, with you and your home in mind. Let us walk you through it.

1. We get to know you

First thing’s first: we have to get to know you, your home, and your taste in art. Our curator meets with you via Zoom, Whatsapp, or Facetime. We discuss what you have in mind and you show us where you’d like the new artwork to go.

2. You receive your personal recommendation

We find you the original artworks that match your style and taste. We curate a collection geared towards you, your home, and the wall you have in mind. You receive a slideshow and accompanying specifications for the art choices and provide us with your feedback so we can fine-tune your selection. Then you’ll receive a personal ID that will give you access to your final selection within an app. An app? Yes! Via one of our partners, we can offer our clients the option to view the art on their own wall via “augmented reality”.

3. How would it look on my wall?

By now, you must be curious about how these works would look in your home. Or perhaps you want to discuss with your partner before making your purchase? We totally understand, and we have a solution. You receive your personal selection ID, a marker-card to print out, and you download our app. Then pin the marker-card onto your wall, exactly where you like the art to go. Aim your phone at the marker and you’ll see the artwork, in the correct size, on your wall. You can do so with each artwork in your personal selection. Interact easily with the art. Simply walk towards the wall if you want to take a closer look or take a step back to get an overview. You can even take a screenshot, allowing you to truly compare before you decide which artwork makes it onto your wall. Live with it for a bit before you do your purchase.

4. Worldwide shipping available

Your wall is ready and so are you. With worldwide shipping available, all you have to do is to sit back for your parcel to arrive, hang your new-found artwork where you’d envisioned it, and enjoy!

Schedule your complimentary art consultation now

Do you want to see what we can do for your home via this virtual art experience? Use THIS LINK to schedule your free art consultation today.