Contemporary artist (Netherlands)

Dutch contemporary artist, Britt Kleiberg (1980) finished a degree in Graphical Design and Styling before she found her calling in painting.

Born into a family with a healthy interest in the arts, she was exposed to art early on and started painting when she was 10 years old. She loved going to museums and is grateful for the early education she received. It has provided her the background for her current journey as a contemporary artist.

Britt Kleiberg lives and works in Harderwijk (Netherlands).


When I paint, I am on a journey with the animals. In my artistic world, everything is possible, and animals can live wherever they want to live.

I strive to turn a negative into a positive, even if reality paints a bleak story for the character of my painting. Ultimately, I like to add color, positivity, and joy to the world.


Inspired by earth’s creatures and through the extensive use of colors, Britt Kleiberg brings her animal subjects to life. “Behind every animal is a story, and I portray each animal as an individual.”

Britt’s greater goal is to make her viewers happy, while at the same time creating some awareness and preserve positive images for future generations about today’s animal world.

“In my artwork, I use a lot of colors. Both in the animal itself and in setting up the background. With every painting, I tell a story about the animal’s natural habitat, daily life, or its future and these colors are part of the conversation.”

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