Impressionist (France)

Fabienne Monestier (1962) is a professional artist who lives and works in Vouvray, France. Besides being a successful painter, Fabienne is also a lyrical singer in the professional chorus of the Opéra de Tours.

Fabienne holds a degree in Fine Arts from ESAD in Orléans, France. She is an award-winning artist and has a long history of international gallery representations, including in Paris, Vincennes, Cannes, Gand (Belgium), and Bragg Creek (Canada).

With her spontaneous and gestural style, her paintings always refer to reality. Even if she works from memories and imagination. She interprets grasses, flowers, and forests, seeking to combine a decorative aspect with modernity.


Nature is the true source of my inspiration. It presents me with floral and landscape subjects. In my work, I interpret the plant world, whether grasses, flowers, forests, or landscapes. I seek to combine the decorative aspect with the modern contemporary.

I want to paint a “feeling”; whether the seasons, a special light in the day, natural shapes or, my mood.


Fabienne Monestier works on canvas as well as wood and paper. Employing oil paint, watercolour, coloured pencil, inks, charcoal, acrylic, black chalk to satisfy her need for constant exploration of pictorial possibilities.

Inspired by the light that gives strength to the colours of nature, Fabienne explores the limitations and possibilities of her medium and technique. Her style is free and gestural, with a lot of spontaneity and energy.

  • Decadent Liaisons: Floral Abstractions with Karin Goeppert and Fabienne Monestier, Gallery 44

  • Exhibition at La Roche-Posay, France (G)
  • “Open Artists Studios Mode d’Emploi”, Gallery “Le Gisant”, Dinant, France (G)
  • Awarded at the large size painting contest (70,86 x 118,11”) in Ingré, France.
  • Salon des Artsof Parçay-Meslay, France (G)
  • Salon des Arts of Vouvray, France (G)
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