Expressionist (Portugal)

Joaquim Lourenço, born in Mozambique, has long since been living and working in his beloved Lisbon, Portugal. As an art teacher, Lourenço considers drawing to be a huge part of his work.

Inspired by the female body, Joaquim Lourenço expresses himself through his acrylic artwork. His observations of everyday life situations are translated in an artistic vocabulary of deliberate line and color.

There are no deeper meanings to his paintings, yet he simply portrays a certain peculiar detail that inspired him.


I am an artist. I communicate through art. Whether through painting, drawing, or writing. In my fine art work, I combine colour and lines.

Drawing is important to me. In each of my works, the “line” is always there. It is at the core of my art. It provides me with a structure; a way to express myself and share with you how I see the world. Very much like Gustav Klimt said it, my fine art is the line around my thoughts.

Besides the lines, there are the colours. Each carefully and deliberately chosen colour hides a power. Often at an unconscious level, colour speaks its own language.

I invite you into my world by showing you interesting details and interpretations of the world as I see it, with a small dose of humour.

  • Joaquim Lourenço | Defying the Ordinary, Gallery 44 (S)
  • “Taste of the World” Exhibition, Gallery 44 and Back to the Picture, San Francisco, CA (G)
  • “Spring Exhibition”, Try it ART Gallery in Bragg Creek (Canada) (G)
  • “Art without Borders”, Gallery 44, Bragg Creek (Canada) (G)
  • Celebration of Art, Gallery 44, Bragg Creek (Canada) (G)
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