Contemporary (Canada)

Award-winning contemporary artist Pepe Hidalgo lives and works in BC, Canada. His artistic career started in Madrid where he, as a teenager, frequented the Museo del Prado. Pepe has exhibited extensively and the awards he has won go back as far as 1985.

Art has allowed Pepe to “free himself”; to express his feelings without prejudice, and without expectations. His inspiration originates from everyday life, steeped in his knowledge of astrology, mythology, history, and life experiences.


Standing in front of each painting one encounters a moment in time created within the world depicted on the canvas. Each of my paintings is representational, depicts a world with a unique space-time that is definitely separate from the one which the viewer primarily inhabits. What each of the depicted moments shares is that they present moments of leisure or rest, moments when time slows or even stops, sometimes briefly, at others permanently. My paintings allow one to travel, to cross spaces, borders, time, dimensions, and then return.

My art invokes the ineffable nature of time and the equally mysterious way that the past can push its way forward into the present moment.


Hidalgo’s somewhat abstract style is narrative in the figurative genre. Not related to realism, yet created from his imagination, and memory of his sense of reality.

His paintings achieve strength through the glazes or thin opaque or semi-opaque layers he applies. He will continue with this layering technique until he achieves a greater sensation of space.

In each of his larger works, one can find a blue/white cord. This cord, like an umbilical cord, represents the connection between reality and the surreal world the artist depicts.


Pepe has extensive exhibition experience. For a complete overview, download the full Bio/CV

  • Verum Ultimum Art Gallery, Portland, Oregon, USA
  • Calgary Art Show, Gallery 44, Alberta, CANADA
  • Celebration of Art, Gallery 44, Alberta, CANADA
  • Art at the Cave, Washington, USA
  • Michael Wright Art Gallery, British Columbia, CANADA
  • Arts Council of Surrey, Newton Cultural Centre, British Columbia, CANADA
  • Foyer Gallery, Squamish, British Columbia, CANADA
Download a full Bio/CV
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