Photography artist (Netherlands)

Sander Schilthuizen (1963) started working as a photographer in his early twenties, always using black&white film. Developing and printing the photo’s with his own equipment, in a make-shift darkroom in his college dorm. In 2008 he took the leap to digital photography, bought a professional camera and started to focus on images with colour.

His latest work can be best described as photographic storytelling. Manipulating shapes and values, Sander provides a narrative. An imaginary story behind a snippet of time.

Sander lives and works in IJmuiden (Netherlands).


My biggest dream would be to create photographs that never bore the human eye. Catch details that are hard to define, yet continue to entice the viewer.

I’m always chasing the ultimate image. One that doesn’t require a title or explanation, but simply invites you to look at it, over and over again.


As far as the use of colour and composition are concerned, Sander Schilthuizen’s most recent work is inspired by the works of artists like Man Ray, Martin Parr, Van Gogh, Ansel Adams, Gauguin, Chagall and Picasso.

Sander Schilthuizen enjoys roaming the streets with his camera while observing people and situations. Photographing tourists, people attending fairs and markets, and other impressions that catch his artistic eye.

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