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Artist Q&A series no.9

Contemporary artist, Karin Goeppert (Germany)

Artist Karin Goeppert moved across Germany in the height of the coronavirus pandemic. High time to ask her how she is settling in.

Q&A with Karin Goeppert (Germany)

You moved across Germany in the height of the pandemic. How did that go?

I must admit that at first, I didn’t take the coronavirus all that seriously. Then I went through a period of fearfulness. It took me a bit of time before I could put it all in perspective and was able to focus on our upcoming move. Our life’s path took us from the middle of Berlin (loud, hectic, exciting at times) to the very sweet, pretty, and green town of Kempten in Bavaria. Not knowing what would all unfold, we had planned to move in the last week of April. It ended up being the peak of the Pandemic, but luckily, we were allowed to move across Germany. There was just one small set-back. My brother had offered to install the kitchen for us in the new house. But because of the restrictions, he couldn’t do it until early July. So for 2 months, we were getting by with a VERY rudimentary kitchen. We had no running water, and not much storage space. We washed the dishes in the bathtub and I had my herbs in the bookcase in the living room, along with the pots and pans. Glasses in the window sill. You get the picture (;

Settled in your new studio, what is your biggest dream?

My biggest dream is to keep my inspiration flowing for many years more and to keep developing my skills. And I have a feeling my new surroundings will help with that.

As an artist, what do you consider to be your biggest challenge?

My biggest challenge is probably to push myself out of my comfort zone. But regardless of how challenging that is for me, I love to explore new areas of creative expression.

What do you consider your greatest talent?

I love color and I’d like to think my greatest talent is my feel (and eye) for it. Even our apartment is quite eclectic and colorful, with lots of different styles.

I am not good at…

I am absolutely not good at tedium. I like new things and am easily bored. I don’t see why an artist always has to do the same things to be recognizable. So at times, I want to branch out and try something totally new. I have noticed that my color choices have changed since I have moved to Kempten. More yellows and lilacs is what excites me at the moment.

I consider myself rich when…

When I am “in the zone” and a new work just “flows” out of me,  I consider myself rich. When I have finished a painting and I am satisfied with it. And of course, if a collector loves one of my works enough to acquire it for their home.

The artist I admire most is…

So many artists to admire! Franz Marc, for his humanity and love for animals. Van Gogh, for his persistence and dedication. Cezanne for his sensibility. I very much admire Anselm Kiefer for not having to make “pretty pictures”. A master! Cy Twombly for his esprit. The Abstract Expressionists for their freedom and fearlessness. Should I go on?

What do you wish for yourself

I wish to grow as an artist and that I will continue to have fun with painting. A strong believer in personal and professional growth, I want my technique to rise to a new level. And I want to do a gazillion mountain hikes in the area here. I cannot help but wonder if my artistic style will change. Obviously I always have been inspired by nature – even though I was living in a big city. Now I live just 5 minutes from fields, meadows, cows, and mountain views. So – let us see where this new environment will take me.

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