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Artist Q&A series no.5

By February 27, 2020June 11th, 2020Meeting the artist
Charley Jones, expressionist artist, residing in Colombia

Initially, I chatted with Charley Jones back in May 2018. An inspiring artist and capoeirista, with a deep sense of social justice. He told me then, his art is made to be shared. The responses we, as a gallery, receive on his work  have been very positive; both in Canada and the US. I wonder how his artistic life has been lately. Time for another chat!

Q & A with Charley Jones (Colombia)

As an artist, what is your biggest dream?

“I feel that the art world, especially for painters, has shifted over the past decade. I say this because back in 1997 when I studied painting at university, gaining a career as an artist was something elusive. Generally, this lifestyle was only left to a select few. Conceptual art, mainly in the form of installations, was in high demand back then. Painting not as much, especially when compared to the present day. However, there seems to be a shift towards contemporary painting. And that makes me happy. I feel I can now realize my dream: being able to paint and exhibit frequently and build up a client base. For this, I am truly grateful. However, my wildest dream would be to exhibit my work in a museum or gallery of national scale, for example, the National Gallery in London (UK). Besides this, my dream is to be able to live well, with my son, off my art.”

What do you consider to be your biggest challenge?

“My challenge is to generate enough income, time, and space in my life, allowing me to paint as much as possible. The next challenge is to be able to capture the soul of people I paint, and contemporary life, within my artwork.”

What’s your greatest talent?

“I feel my strength is in my mark-making. It is something I have always embraced when painting, ever since a young boy, applying impasto, expressive, strokes in portraiture and landscape.”

I am absolutely not good at …

“Ha! I am definitely not your guy for a reserved, calm, and realistic portrait.”

I consider myself rich when…

“That is an easy one to answer: I would consider myself incredibly rich when I could be able to paint and share skills to help vulnerable people in Latin America.”

The artist I admire most is…

“The artist I admire most is Van Gogh. Already since falling in love with his work as a child and still now. I believe his paintings to be incredibly courageous. Especially considering it’s is from that era. I feel he had incredible empathy as a painter. He strived to embrace emotions when painting relentlessly and stayed true to his artistic path. He had the amazing ability to combine passionate expressionism with his natural technical skills; spontaneously, and in the moment.”

What do you wish for yourself in 2020?

“This year I am painting lots, looking at my work objectively with the intent to develop more. I am always trying to embrace solid techniques with expressive exuberance. I would love to exhibit my work and hope to do so more. Hopefully be able to participate in an art fair, possibly in London, USA, Canada or Europe.”

More on Charley Jones

If you’d like to read more about Charley Jones, you can go to the account of our initial talk back in May 2018. It is available for you in our Meeting the Artist Blog pages.

Alternatively, you can browse Charley’s Profile page, where you’ll find more information on him, along with the works we currently have listed for him. You can also follow Charley, our Gallery, and the other artists we represent, on Artsper, our online partner.

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