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Artist Q&A series no.8

By May 1, 2020June 11th, 2020Meeting the artist
Abstract expressionist artist, Christa Haack, at work in her studio (Germany)

I met award-winning artist, Christa Haack, at her studio in southern Germany last year. A passionate artist, Christa creates her work with lots of expression and movement. She needs it, as art literally helps her cope with life’s daily challenges. Christa is unable to get to her studio due to the COVID-19 regulations, and I wonder how she’s doing. High time to reach out.

Q&A with Christa Haack (Germany)

As an artist, what is your biggest dream?

I want to inspire people through my art and give them some pleasure in looking at my work. I would like to make them curious and encourage them to exchange new ideas.

As an artist, what do you consider to be your biggest challenge?

My biggest challenge is that my artistic expression is only partially verifiable. Like life itself, it moves between a sphere of insecurity and changeability. For me, creating art happens only in the opening and dedication of what is. It is not my ideas that count anymore, rather what is expressed through me. An idea that wants to show itself, and then takes shape. Almost without me having control over it.

What do you consider your greatest talent?

My art invites you on a journey to discovery. A rewarding and entertaining journey that appeals to our emotions and offers a lot of variety. I work very intuitively; applying and removing many layers of paint, by collaging – and working with – different materials. I do not bind myself to a certain structure. The appearing image shows me the way. My artwork is created in “doing”.

I am not good at…

Sometimes I am very impatient. This can get in the way and has occasionally spoiled a painting that was almost done but I pressed on too far. Acting too impulsively at that moment.

I consider myself rich when…

I feel rich when I am in my studio with my art. Art is abstract, able to express and convey something without the need for words. Art can be interpreted as a beautiful language that everyone can learn.

The artist I admire most is…

Joan Mitchell (1925-1992): she was a leading representative of abstract expressionism. Her works are characterized by an imaginative, gestural style. Abstract expressionism is often associated with a spirit of freedom and devotion, and it strongly appeals to me.

How are you coping with our global Coronavirus threat? How has your world changed?

These times feel like an invisible threat to me and it is difficult to accept. But, there will be better times ahead of us. I have lived in Paris and London and during these years, there have also been attacks and threats from time to time. Even right in a Nato building next to our house. I thank God I have my art. It helps me to cope with many situations.

What do you wish for yourself

The year 2020 brought a lot of unpredictable events. And we are not out of the woods yet! I hope that as an artist I can have more physical contact again and that people will be able to enjoy the beautiful things in life. To connect and be together again, with art.

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