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Welcome, Arngrim Larsen

By January 23, 2018June 11th, 2020Meeting the artist, Uncategorized

During a Skype meeting, while on my European tour, I first met this enthusiastic and humble young artist. A few months of regular contact followed and we are now proud and honored to introduce to you Arngrim Larsen, our new visual abstract artist from Gothenburg, Sweden.

An auto-didact artist

Arngrim is an auto-didact artist with a history of creating art throughout his life. In school, he lost track of his creativity for a few years but when he picked up a camera, he found new inspiration. After 13 years of photography, only when he started working with pencil and paint, he realized he found what he was looking for.

Always called “the creative one” within his family, his passion for art has been evident since he was a little kid. Over the years his creativity has taken many forms but painting is closest to his heart. It has changed the way he looks at the world around him, as a constant inspiration to create new work. “Some people hear music in their heads”, Arngrim explains to me, “I see colors in and around myself.” His thoughts forming colored patterns needing to be expressed on paper or canvas. Arngrim believes that abstract art has the ability to connect us with certain important emotional parts within ourselves. Which makes a personal experience with, and feelings about his paintings most important to him; his message for his audience if you will. “There is no right or wrong, it is all about your heart, feelings, and thoughts. Each viewer’s journey with my work just as important and exciting as my own.”

In our collection

In our collection are two paintings from his Voyage of Thoughts series: number 03 (featured here in the slideshow) and 05. Inviting the viewer on a journey, a voyage of free-flowing thoughts, each painting resembles a piece of the process towards personal development and growth.

Arngrim chose not to give these works a specific name. They are just numbered. “My wish is to allow the painting to speak to the viewer. Not being pointed in a certain direction, yet able to go on your own personal voyage with it. Just like I did.”

Interested in reading more about Arngrim?

You can read more about Arngrim in the blog on our meeting with him in May 2018. Browsing his collection with us is also possible. We hope you enjoy.

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